Progress Photos for September 29, 2002
Construction Highlights

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  1.     A Cub Scout Pack comes to visit.

  2.       Mark Miller gives the pack some Wright history.

  3.       Mark goes to work building truss wires.

  4.       Soldering truss wires properly is critical work.

  5.       Reese Miller and Bill Mumford pitch in to build truss wires also.

  6.       One of the many trusses is readied for attachment onto the canard.

  7.       Beneath the canard, more trusses.

  8.       Truss wires are essential to the integrity and strength of the Flyer.

  9.       Canard truss wires are bolted in place but not tightened until all are installed.

  10.       Even before all wires are fully tightened, the front structure becomes rigid.

  11.       Turk Tilev and Mike Perry layout and measure the tail pieces.

  12.       Turk cuts the parts to correct length.

  13.       ...measuring and assembly continues.

  14.       The blue prints are always nearby.

  15.       Turk assembles the handmade components.

  16.       One of the tail subassemblies is completed and installed.

  17.       The tail subassembly is joined to the undercarriage.

  18.       The undercarriage requires trussing as well.

  19.       Turk Tilev holds the chain tube assembly which he fabricated from raw materials.

  20.       Turk's company, Flow-Con, of which he is president, provided all the material and labor
to create this incredible work of art.

  21.       Let's go to Turk's shop and take a peek at the assembly jig Turk devised to ready all the components
  for welding.

  22.       Science and art come together to create this prop chain tube.
      Imagine Wilbur and Orville having to do much the same planning and execution.

  23.       Here we see the master welder deep in concentration.

  24.       Here's a closeup of this amazing work. Thanks Turk, and thanks to your welder.
More to come.